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We, Showa Denko HD Trace Corp. (referred to herein as ‘We’ or ‘SHDT’), developing and producing various types of magnetic hard disks, actively involved with hard disk industry, are one of the key-component suppliers to the development and manufacturing of Hard Disk Drive (HDD). As an overseas subsidiary of the Hard Disk Business Unit of Showa Denko Group (referred to as ‘SDK’), we have established our CSR policy according to the Code of Conducts of SDK. We have implemented ‘Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)’ into the company via a variety of internal and external training programs, and have complied with applicable rules and standards to set up management and risk assessment systems of product quality, environment, safety, healthy, ethics, and the rights and interests of employees. We are striving to achieve perpetual operation and to fulfill the goal of sustainable development, with a commitment to continuous improvement and a pursuit of ‘Do It Right The First Time; Do It Right All the Time’.
Therefore, we promise:
We will act with integrity as a responsible citizen of the international society.
  1. We will act in strict compliance with laws and regulations and according to high ethical standards.
  2. We will promote Responsible Care programs.
  3. We will conduct business based on the principle of fair and free competition.
  4. We will respect human right.
  5. We will work to prevent briber and other forms of corruption.
  6. We will act as a member of the international society and contribute to the development of regions in which we operate along with the means of no using or buying any conflict metals with our best knowledge.
We will provide our customers with satisfaction and safety.
  1. We will develop and provide “individualized “products, technologies, and services that satisfy our customers and promote the sound growth of international society.
  2. We will ensure stable supply of products that meet customers’ expectations, in cooperation with our usiness partners.
We will develop corporate culture that helps every member of the Group to fully display his/her ability.
  1. We will create new values based on mutual respect for personality, free thinking, and constructive discussions.
  2. We will give the highest priority to safety, and strive to maintain and improve the working environment.
We will meet expectations of local communities.
  1. We will disclose accurate information on our activities in a timely manner to the countries and local communities in which we operate, so as to maintain good communication and promote mutual understanding.
  2. We will grow with the countries and local communities in which we operate, and contribute to their.
We will make vigorous efforts to maintain and improve the global environment.
  1. We will reduce environmental impact of our business activities, and contribute toward the mitigation of climate and the conservation of biological diversity.
  2. We will develop and provide environment-friendly products and technologies.