Salary bonus
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Bonuses granted at three festivals:

Bonuses will be granted at the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival and Spring Festival.

Performance bonuses:

To motivate employees to achieve the operating objectives each quarter, we grant additional performance bonuses when objectives are achieved.

Awards to exceptional employees:

We ask the supervisor of each unit to submit a list of employees with exceptional performance each year and they will be granted bonuses in addition to receiving medals and being publicly commended.

Awards to senior employees:

To commemorate the contributions made by senior employees to us, we will given them exquisite 3C gifts aside from publicly commending them.

Awards to the GM:

To encourage employees to submit and implement proposals regarding their work and the general operation of the company for improving our overall performance.

Awards to patent-holders:

To encourage technological innovations and motivate employees to invent and create, in addition to granting bonuses to those who apply for and obtain patents, we also give them certificates.

The system of awards:

An awarding system is established to timely commend the employees who perform well during daily work.