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Recruitment process

Welcome to Join Us!

Reminders to interviewees

We provide the following information for your reference and believe that adequate preparations for your interview will make your career development more brilliant;We hope you will succeed and become one of us.


On the interview date, wear appropriate and tidy suits.

Arrive at the premises on time and if you cannot present on interview date because of emergency, inform our recruiting personnel by phone or email to prevent bad impressions!

Preparations for interview:

Show your self-confidence.

Before interview, you are advised to gain some knowledge of SHOWA DENKO HD Trace and the department you desire to join.

List the questions you want to ask during interview.

Know your own strengths and weaknesses and the benefits & experience you may bring to us.

Materials you need to carry:

Carry your own ID card so that a permit can be given to you at the security checkpoint.

We recommend that you, as career beginners who have just graduated, carry such documents as your own diplomas of maximum education, dissertation, professional qualifications which show and make us become aware of your unique professional abilities more rapidly!

If you have transcripts showing results of such English tests as TOEIC or TOEFL, you are encouraged to carry them which will prove your English proficiency.

On-site interview process:

The entire interview process includes filling in basic information, a written test and interview and you are advised to leave adequate time; a re-test will be arranged if necessary.

Indirect personnel: the entire process lasts 3 to 4 hours.

Direct personnel: the entire process lasts 1 to 2 hours.

The type of test questions:

Indirect personnel: English, mathematics& logics, sexual orientation test, and professional tests.

Direct personnel: English, and a test on mathematics & logics.

A window, you may inquire about recruitmentquestions:

You will be informed of the interview results by our SMS messages or calls, which will not be given to you immediately; if you do not receive any notification within more than 2 weeks after interview or have other questions regarding our recruitment, welcome to contact us by calling our HR recruitment hot line at 03-5770777 ext. 6605 and you are advised to tell us the position you apply for and the date & time of your interview so that we can solve your problems ASAP.