Showa Denko Group’s “Corporate Ethics Month” 2016

Message: Showa Denko Group’s “Corporate Ethics Month” 2016


Hideo Ichikawa, Group CEO

As the starting point of our corporate activities, we must maintain two principles, namely, “management based on compliance,” and “establishment of corporate ethics.”  As my message for the coming Corporate Ethics Month, I urge you again to practice “thorough compliance with laws and regulations” and “observance of corporate ethics.”  Our corporate vison sets the goal at contributing to the realization and development of society where affluence and sustainability are harmonized, through sincere manufacturing and fulfillment of social responsibility.  In the same way as an individual is required to have sense of morality, an enterprise is required not only to have compliance with laws, regulations and internal rules but also to conduct business activities with morality and establish corporate ethics.  I request each of you to recognize these obligations and act in line with them.


In our time, society attaches greater importance to safety and security of products, and corporate governance.  Society expects more of corporate activities, while viewing them with more critical eyes.  Recently, we see a lot of cases in which companies acted in manners betraying social expectations, lost credibility, and significantly damaged corporate value and trust.  We must recognize again that there are many risk factors in our daily business activities, and strive to establish group-wide corporate ethics, and implement them.


I repeat that the starting point of the Showa Denko Group’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) is “manufacturing” of useful and safe products.  In order to contribute our share to customers and society, and continue offering safety and security, we must promote R&D activities based on reliable data and maintain stable supply of high-quality products.  Let each of us working in the Showa Denko Group fulfill our own duties with a firm belief that everyone must pursue realization of “social contribution company” through implementation of “manufacturing” with sincerity.


In order to establish and implement corporate ethics, it is very important for us to keep moral of each at high level, in addition to the arrangement of rules and mechanisms.  All of us must not violate laws and regulations, not commit wrong doing, and not let the most trivial piece of dishonesty pass.  To attain these, we must keep good communication in workplaces.  If you faced unexpected difficulties or issues, you could violate rules or commit wrongdoings due to weak will, especially when you were isolated.  Good communication, information sharing and cooperation in your workplaces will help you find problems and solve them in their early stages.  I especially request all managers/leaders of workplaces to pay attention to issues such as whether there is anyone isolated or cornered, and whether good communication among employees is kept.  Then, please strive to improve situations if you find any problem.


The Showa Denko Group designates every January as Corporate Ethics Month, a special opportunity for everybody in the Group to reflect on each person’s own attitude and behavior to check their fidelity to corporate ethics and compliance.  Please read “Our Code of Conduct and Its Practical Guide” again, have discussion about it in your workplaces, and make sure that everyone implements it sincerely.