Information notice of MARIA Typhoon

Dear SHDT team,

According to the typhoon news released by CWB of Taiwan, The center of Severe Typhoon MARIA could close to the north portion of Taiwan’s land very much. The most impacted time could be likely the period during the night shift of July-10’th (Tuesday) to day shift of July-11’th (Wednesday).

(The actual situation please refer to CWB’s announce.)

Current information

Center Location 21.0N 135.1E

Movement  WNW  26km/hr

Minimum Pressure  915 hpa

Maximum Wind Speed 55 m/s

Gust 68 m/s

Radius of 15m/s   280km

Radius of 25m/s  100km


Prediction: 02:00, July-11’th  (The most impact time)

Center Position 25.1N 122.5E

Minimum Pressure 920 hpa

Maximum Wind Speed 53 m/s

Gust 65 m/s

Radius of 15m/s  280km

Radius of 25m/s  100km

Radius of 70% probability circle 170km


The Notice:

1.The related dept, have to take necessary precautions against typhoon.

2.The employees, sitting at windows, have to confirm that the windows have been closed exactly.

3.The safety engineer will patrol to confirm the preventing actions done exactly.

4.About the typhoon leave, please follow the news released by local government and company regulation issued by HR.

5.Safety first, don’t force yourself going outside and riding the motorcycle during the typhoon period.

6.Telephone number for emergency Contact: (03) 5770777 ext. 6632(Day-time), 6683(At night)


Released by CSR office