Showa Denko Group’s “Corporate Ethics Month” 2017

Message to the Showa Denko Group’s “Corporate Ethics Month” 2017


Kohei Morikawa, Group CEO


Keep safety, everybody.


We in the Showa Denko Group designate every January as Corporate Ethics Month, which is expected to be a special opportunity to reflect on each person’s own attitude and behavior in order to check their fidelity to corporate ethics and compliance.  I request everybody to reaffirm “Our Vision” and “Our Code of Conduct,” and recognize importance of corporate ethics and fulfillment of social responsibility anew.


“Our Vision” says “We at the Showa Denko Group will provide products and services that are useful and safe…, and contribute to the sound growth of international society as a responsible corporate citizen.”  Thus “Our Vision” represents the Showa Denko Group’s mission and basic values, and is the starting point to which we should always go back when we engage in business activities.


On the basis of “Our Vision,” I strongly request everybody to practice “thorough compliance with laws and regulations” and “observance of corporate ethics.”  These days, there are so many corporate scandals.  In many cases of them, management visions and code of conduct are not observed and become pro forma affairs.  You should not have  overconfidence and negligence such as “Our workplace does not have any problem concerning corporate ethics.  I have nothing to do with violation of compliance.”  Each of us who work for the Showa Denko Group must make decision or act in line with the management vision and the code of conduct of the Group.


In a public opinion poll conducted in 2016 by Keidanren, the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations, 97% of respondents said “it is important for corporations to establish and observe corporate ethics which is in line with social ethics” while 58% of respondents said “corporations do not carry out corporate social responsibility enough.”  Thus, even though corporations themselves think they have established and are observing corporate ethics, the general public does not appreciate that, but rather is suspicious about those corporations.  We should be aware of this gap between the attitudes of corporations and public perception of them.


The Showa Denko Group’s goal is to become “a company contributing to the sound growth of society” which makes the dreams of humankind a reality through innovation in chemical technology.  The establishment of management with law observance and corporate ethics is the starting point for the Group to achieve this goal.  We should pay attention to evaluation of ourselves by society and practice corporate ethics that respond to expectations of people.  I request everybody of the Group to fulfill each one’s duty with sincerity.  I want to make the Showa Denko Group a company that satisfies all stakeholders.  All the members of the Showa Denko Group should pursue realization of “Our Vision” and “a company contributing to the sound growth of society,” and make the Group have social credibility and continue growing into the future.  I believe this is the only way for us to fill the gap between the attitudes of corporations and public perception of them, which I mentioned above.


In 2016, to our regret, a case was revealed in which an employee who had been working at a business place of Showa Denko committed a misconduct that acted against corporate ethics.  The establishment of management with law observance and corporate ethics requires each of us to have strong willpower to avoid violating laws and betraying stakeholders’ trust.  I ask all of you to work with sincerity and fairness even when you face unexpected ordeals and hardships.  I ask all managers to take corrective action if you find any sign of demoralization.  Everybody must make daily effort to correct demoralization and departure from rules and regulations, in order to nip violation of compliance in the bud.


In conclusion, I would like to say that our effort to enhance corporate ethics must be endless, and everybody must make continuous effort to gain social trust.  Please take this Corporate Ethics Month as a golden opportunity for you to reconsider how you should judge and behave as an ethical person and what you can do as social action.