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SHOWA DENKO HD Trace Declaration on the use of the website

1.You agree to the follow terms on the use of our website

SHOWA DENKO HD Trace (hereinafter “we”) allow you to browse and use this website (http://www.shdt.com.tw/) in accordance with this declaration, including but without limitation, the words, images, information, audio & video, web-pages, hyperlinks, files, programs, search services, other data and services; before you browse or use any part of this website, we hope that you carefully read the content of this declaration on the use of the website and when you link or access to any part of this website, you are deemed to have read and agreed to comply with the content of the declaration. If you are a person with limited capacities or without capacities, you can only browse or use this website after your parents or legal representatives have understood and agreed to these terms.

2.Ownership of the IPRs on this website

The software or programs, all the contents used on this website, including literal works, images, files, video, audio, website structure, the layout of the website interfaces and web-page design, are protected by IPRs. Without the prior written consent of us or other IPR holders, except browsing this website, you must not reproduce, download, modify, edit and hyper link the entire website or any part of it.

3.Right to modify this website

We may, at any time, modify, replace or stop the entire website or any part of it (including the declaration on the use of this website) without obtaining your prior consent. When continuing to use the modified website, you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept the modifications we make to our website.

4.Prohibition of malicious use of this website

You must not modify, alter, add or delete all or any part(s) of this website by Trojan horse, virus, malicious programs, back-door, hacking, denial of services or any other means; nor can you hinder, delay, interfere with, damage or misappropriate the use, functions and operation of any hardware or software of us. You may not use or take advantage of this web-site, all or any part(s) of any hardware or software of us, or provide to third persons paid or unpaid data or services for an on behalf of your own or others. You may not use or take advantage of this website, all or any part(s) of any hardware or software of us, or perform any act infringing upon the rights and benefits of others, carrying out crimes on the internet, violating the laws of the ROC, or publishing online information regulated by the laws of the local country, international practices or conventions. You agree to use this website by exercising the duty of care a good-faith person should exercise and ensure your personal data are kept confidential, correct and complete; you will be solely liable for any damage arising from the theft, cracking, modification or misappropriation by third persons of your own personal data.

5.Collect data

You agree that we may, at our own discretion and by any means (including using cookies), collect, carry out statistics, analyze and use the relevant data generated by your browsing or use of this web-site, including but not limited to, connected IP address, connection duration, connection times, browsing, inquiry, transaction records or downloaded web-pages, files and processes, any word or data you input.


You must take protective measures when using the services on this web-site and it is not our responsibility to guarantee that all or any part(s) of our web-site are correct, complete, usable, timely, compatible, free of defects, interruptions, omissions and damages. You may link through this web-site to the web-sites or web-pages of other persons, provided, however, that we shall not be deemed to have connections with the owners of such web-sites or we-pages; we are not responsible for guaranteeing any content or service of such web-sites or web-pages.


You expressly understand and agree the we will not assume any liability to compensate any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of or failure to use all or any part(s) of this web-site, including without limitation, damages to the property of yours or third persons, non-property damages, damages to your bodies and life and other tangible or intangible damages. In case you breach this declaration, we may, in addition to denying or suspending your access to or use of any or all part(s) of this web-site, request that you assume the liability to pay us damages (including litigation fees and attorney’s expenses).

8.Governing laws and courts with competent jurisdiction

The construction and application of this declaration is governed by the laws of the ROC. Any dispute or difference arsing from this declaration shall first be settled by the parties through amicable negotiations, failing which, they agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the district court of Hsinchu, Taiwan as the court of the first instance.

9.Self-protection measures

You are advised to take good care of you personal data, particularly your user codes or passwords, which must not be given to any person or other organizations. If you share a PC with others or use a public PC, remember to close the browser windows when you finish using it to prevent others reading your personal data.


Users who have any question or suggestion regarding this declaration or matters in connection with personal data are welcomed to contact us and submit your opinions and ideas.