HDD products

Aluminum substrates and Hard disks

Hard disk drives (HDDs)--Devices for storing data on PCs and servers; due to the development of wireless devices, the application of clouding HDD is increasingly common and at a surprising growth rate, the market demands for clouding HDDs are still rising. The further growth of this market segment is expected as new applications of mobile HDD devices are emerging. The HDD undertaking department of SHOWA DENKO is engaged in the R&D manufactures and sales of Hard disks, raw materials and aluminum substrates.
The HDD undertaking now has four production facilities, located at Ichihara/Yamagata of Japan, Singapore and Taiwan respectively; we also have three facilities located in Oyama of Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan for producing aluminum substrates. The unique organization structure of SHOWA DENKO combines product manufacturing, R&D, QC and sales. This structure enables us to offer our customers faster and wider support and services.

HDD business

Automated production lines for glass and aluminum platters of sizes ranging from 3.5/3.3/2.5/1.89 inches have been developed. The capacities of our facilities located in Ichihara/Yamagata, Singapore and Taiwan can meet the demands worldwide. HDDs are now being widely and diversely applied in such devices as servers, desktop PCs, laptops, vehicle navigation systems and MP3 players.

Aluminum substrate business

Completely automated production lines are available for cutting, grinding, electroplating, polishing and testing aluminum substrates of 3.5, 3.3 and 2.5 inches. Our best-seller is 3.5-inch Hard disks manufactured at our facilities located in Malaysia and Taiwan; the 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch products applied in servers and electronic devices are manufactured in ourOyama facility. In addition to wholesaling to theheadquarter of SHOWA DENKO, we are also devoted to developing good connection with other customers by sticking to our standards regarding high-tech products & services.


Hard disks: materials: aluminum/glass
Dimensions: 1.89", 2.5", 3.3", 3.5" and 5.25" (platters of various thicknesses can be Supplies)
Aluminum substrates: Materials: Ni-P Aluminum Substrates

Product applications

3C products for individual consumers
Portable electronic products for consumers
Family A&V systems
Mobile HDD
NB/computer storage
Enterprise applications
Clouding storage applications (for use by enterprises, families, and individuals)
High capacity server systems
Enterprise backup data
ERP system databases
Satellite navigation devices